Sebastian Hofer

Sebastian Hofer

e: hello@hofergraphy

t: +49 170 2779897

I shoot videos and photos for your company or agency.

Commercials, social media or print.

Sport, people or products.

Grown up in the fast world of digitalization.

New trends aren’t frightening, they are awesome.

Like your new project.


Serviceplan, Monster Energy, Lufthansa, Euro Jackpot, Bullrich, BMW, Microsoft, TeamF8, 3ltr. Werbung und Film, One#More#Story, Sooth, Diehm Bespoke, Pleasure Snowboardmagazin, A4 Zahnarztpraxis, WASD, Höme Magazin, Bikepark Samerberg, Hartmann, Schön Klinik, Ford Kögler, Sarolux, TirolLodge, HolidayCheck, Penny, Engelhorn, Datev